Drongo was founded in 2019 by pharmacists, software professionals and entrepreneurs to solve a number of issues taking place in the daily life of a Pharmacy – Warehouse operations. At Drongo we do care about automating the pharmacies daily purchase operations and facilitate browsing different drugs and other times while having a full view over their sub details such as quantities, expiration dates and packaging prior to making the purchase. 

Warehouses have an automated marketplace creation environment that uses simple sheets to upload their full stock of items to the system and make them available with special offers for the browsing pharmacies. 

At the core of DrongoX we focus on delivering a reliable service, easy to use and feasible to track in the different steps of making the purchase online.

Is to create a robust and autonomous environment for both pharmacies and Warehouses over the internet in Jordan.

Is to create a pharma world of automated supply and demand in Jordan where pharmacies stock demand  is ordered with a single click and Warehouses reduce both time and efforts in supplying pharmacies.


Clarity and Ease of use

Too much unnecessary details are from the past now with DrongoX. Our team focuses on developing different operations and functions to service your exact needs and meet your expectations.


You don’t have to double check your orders back and forth with Warehouses while using DrongoX. The system makes all items and items details exact information represented in a decent way to satisfy your requirements

Time & Efforts

Long hours phone calls and multiple phone calls are not needed anymore. You can create your basket from different suppliers as a Pharmacy at once. DrongoX shall take care of the order distribution process between different Warehouses. 



The system is designed and deployed on cloud based servers to make it available 24/7 for your orders with our support working tirelessly to answer your questions and tackle your problems. 

Browsing is never easier

While using our marketplace you can rest assured that your items as a Warehouse are always in front of the Pharmacy while pharmacies shall tend to know which items are available at what slot of time. 

Pharmacy Benefits:

  1. Browsing Items by Warehouses 
  2. Browsing Items by Offers
  3. Purchasing from Different Warehouses at Once
  4. Canceling Orders and Requesting Refunds 
  5. Tracking Purchase Orders Statuses 
  6. Eliminating orders misinformation
  7. Anytime order submission
  8. Latest items information such as: availability, offers, price.

Warehouse Benefits:

  1. Creating Inventory on a Single Click
  2. Receiving Orders from Multiple Pharmacies at Once
  3. Controlling the Order Status
  4. Directly Chatting with Pharmacy on specific orders. 
  5. Easily add/remove/update items in their shown marketplace
  6. Increase sales by receiving orders anytime
  7. No need to resend/re-inform pharmacies with the latest items availability and offers
  8. Eliminated order load time.

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